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What I Do

I create marketing plans, branding and websites, but I’m more than an artist and designer. I understand how to promote a business or organization, and will incorporate features in your marketing to do just that. Before we talk about colors and backgrounds, we will talk about how your operation works and what drives you. Your website and marketing materials will be functional, attractive and professional looking. I'll get you up and running in a timely manner and help you with any issues that may arise. I'll give you the capabilities to keep track of your web stats, such as who is visiting your page and how often. Unlike some web designers who use pre-made templates (so that your website might look the same as a thousand others), I personalize your website to best fit the unique personality of you and your business. You are guaranteed a unique product. Your marketing materials and branding will coordinate with your website to create a cohesive look.

But I already have an OK website!

You may be surprised how easy it is for me to do a custom redesign to improve and rehabilitate your current website. If your website was created years ago, or by someone who wasn't knowledgeable, there's a good chance that there are lines and lines of deprecated code. This means the HTML tags and attributes used to code the website are now obsolete. While internet browsers currently support the deprecated code, future support is not guaranteed. Maybe you haven't updated your website in awhile and you want to keep it looking current. Nothing looks worse than an out-of-date website! Let me help you get started. I will make it painless!

I have no idea how many visitors my website is getting.

How do you know if your website is effective if you don't know who is looking at it? I use a simple, free tool installed in your website to track details of who looks at your website, when, and how often. If you're having trouble driving traffic to your website, I can help. I specialize not only in website design and redesign, but also in search engine optimization, or SEO (helping search engines "find" your website). Search engines like Google use a special formula to decide where you will land on the results page when someone searches for you. If you have a website, but your potential customers aren't able to find it when searching for it, you are losing money.

What about branding and photo editing?

A logo is often the first thing people notice about your business. I would be happy to work with you to create a logo or update a current logo. Well-designed logos create immediate viewer recognition and help to promote the company and to attract potential customers. When your branding is consistent through signage, business cards, brochures, website, etc. it helps to create the brand you want your cusotmers to identify!

I work in Photoshop every day. Contact me for more information on retouching, resizing, cropping, adding and subtracting elements from photos, changing colors, etc. With Photoshop, the possibilities are endless.

How about Tweetbook and MyFace?

It's hard to find a business that doesn't use one or more social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. Consumers are spending more time than ever online. In May 2011, Americans spent 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook alone. If you need ideas on how to use social networking sites within your business, I can help you get started. Once you're set up, you may find it's easy to update these by yourself on a regular basis.