Welcome to my website. JSD Design is a full-service marketing firm and advertising agency located in Scott City, Kansas. You'll be working directly with owner and designer Jordan S. Dreiling. Jordan brings over five years of experience in building websites, seeing print materials from concept to completion, creating advertising campaigns and branding businesses and organizations. The unique aspect about JSD Design is the ability for the client to work directly with the designer, instead of trying to convey ideas to a secretary or middle man. Working closely with each other ensures the client will end up with a completed project that is exactly as they envisioned it.

Pro Design vs. Free

As business owners, we all have a passion for growing and promoting our businesses while staying within a budget. My job is to highlight the best aspects of your business and reach your customers through advertising, marketing materials, and websites. I'll work hard for you, and expect you to put in the same effort when working together on a project. A website, for example, is a great tool to reach thousands of customers a year, but will not magically work on its own without a business owner who is passionate about growing their business or organization. A great website must attract new customers and help to retain your current customer base. It must fit within your budget, which includes knowing what you can expect to pay for maintenance. If you don't have a website, or you have a poorly designed site using many of the free services out there, your company or organization can look outdated, apathetic, cheap...or all three. You pour your heart and soul into your business, club, or organization... why not have a website that reflects that passion? Your customers will see exactly how much time and money you've invested into your website and judge your business accordingly.

Questions Welcome

Thinking about getting a website or professionally designed marketing material? Have some questions? The process doesn't have to be scary, and shouldn't be! I will answer your questions honestly and the best I can. I can work with you to produce a quality marketing plan and/or website without trying to sell you on scams or bill you for surprise costs. I hand code websites from scratch. Some designers will use templates, or pre-designed websites. You won't find that here. Your website is customized for your needs, and won't look like a cookie cutter template. Email or call and I'll get you one step closer to seeing your professional design needs fulfilled.

Why Branding?

Creating a cohesive, consistent look across the board is an important part of running a successful business. Where would companies like McDonald's, Wal-Mart or Subway be today without their signature logos and consistent look to everything they do...be it website, gift cards, business cards, signage, labels, stationary, the list goes on. Branding says a lot about your business at first glance...what do you want your branding to say about you? It feels so good to have a business branded with something you're proud of!