Website Design Rates

All website packages include the following:

  • Custom website design and use of color throughout website
  • Logo is provided by client unless otherwise specified
  • Evaluation of business plan and how website can increase business and image
  • Directly targeted at potential customers of your business
  • Stat Counter to monitor who is visiting your website
  • Professional editing for spelling, grammar and concise wording
  • Search Engine Optimization for major keywords (so you can be found on Google)
  • Setting up your domain and hosting if needed
  • Favicon Design (small icon in the address bar beside your web address)
  • Text, Images and PDF assets will be provided by client; however I can edit all photos, text and PDFs if necessary.

If you're interested in something I don't have listed, just ask.

Starter Web Presence - Starts at $400

    Popular for start-up businesses and includes:
  • Home Page plus up to 3 inner pages
  • Example of 4 pages: Home, Services, Online Forms, Contact Us
  • Time Frame is 1-2 weeks once all data is obtained from client
  • I don't recommend a website this small, because the smaller number of pages makes it hard for Google to index your website. However, this could be an affordable option for those just starting out or a website with a small amount of content. We can always add pages later.

Professional Web Presence - Starts at $800

    This is the most popular package and includes:
  • Home Page plus up to 6 inner pages
  • Facebook and or Twitter integration
  • Example of 7 pages: Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Photos, Calendar, Contact
  • *Time frame for completion is 2-4 weeks once data is obtained

Deluxe Web Presence - Starts at $1100

    For the client with lots of pages and more complex features!
  • Home Page plus up to 14 inner pages
  • One contact form
  • Facebook and or Twitter integration
  • One photo gallery
  • Example of 15 pages: Home, About Us, Our History, Services, Testimonials, Portfolio, Photos, Videos, Calendar, Contact Us, Blog, Staff, Events, Links, Vision Statement

Content Management System - Ask for Pricing

    Now you, the client can edit your own website!
  • Billed monthly and may be subject to a setup charge
  • Allows business owner or other employees to edit website when you want to!
  • Unlimited edits on unlimited pages
  • May be more cost effective than paying me hourly
  • If interested, ask me for more information

Maintaining a Current Website

The frequency of changes that you anticipate needing will determine the method that I employ for maintaining a current website. If only annual, quarterly or monthly changes are needed, it may be more cost effective to pay my hourly rate to update the website. If more frequent changes are needed, ask about the CMS I use. If you're operating on a budget for your website, I'd be happy to work on a solution to help keep you within your budget.

Graphic Design and Production of Print Materials

    You may be surprised at how reasonable professional printing can be. Prices vary from job to job. I'd be happy to work with you and give you a free quote.
    Products Available
  • Wedding Invitation and Announcements
  • Business Cards and Brochures
  • Stationery and Envelopes
  • And much more...just ask!
  • *Lead time for the printer is typically 5-10 days after design is completed. Don't wait until the last minute! Examples of print jobs: Party and anniversary invitations, graduation announcements, custom high-quality business cards, brochures for your business, custom stationary, thank you notes (make a great gift for a graduate)!